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About us

 Who we are?

We are small and flexible company, which could offer You best solution for Your business startup. Our expierence covers fields from IT, Communication, Construction, Media (print and online) and Yellow pages - industries. We could find out best solutions for You.


What are we doing?

We could help to start Your website from scratch to stand alone, fully supported and no additional IT support needed website.

We could evaluate Your IT system and propose to optimize it.

We could evaluate Your business process and propose how to make them best sutable for Your business.


In addition ...

We creating online games. We are doing that because:

we love to play games. We know what players like. We want to deliver our emotion, our passion to game and to other gamers. We strongly believe that everyone is a gamer. Somebody already realized that, others will find out it shortly. We be ready and happy to help everyone find the with good emotions and pleasant time spending.


Our aim

Working together with customer, find our their needs, proposing and implementating best suitible solution - we are good on that.


What does means RFG for us?

Ready For Grow - we help Your internet business to grow.

Ready For Game- with our games we deliver good emotion to you.

RFG Holding

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